5 Vaping Options for Private Puffers

Vaping Under An Umbrella

E cigarette, e juice and vaporizer manufacturers have done it all. They have recently started creating custom vape and products that completely conceal the fact that the user vapes. If you are someone who wished to smoke or use a vaporizer without anyone else noticing, you may want to use these crafty vape options:

1) The Pen Vaporizers

Many of the vaporizers look like pens. Pens are wonderful vaping devices because the person who is using them can put them anywhere. They can go inside of one’s purse, in the shirt pocket, in the drawer or somewhere else.

2) The Asthma Inhaler Vaporizer

There is a vaporizer on the market that looks exactly like an inhaler for asthmatics. One could purchase this product if he or she wanted to go completely incognito with smoking because of a job, sporting requirement or some other reason.

3) The Lipstick Pipe

A woman might want to get on the bandwagon and start using one of the dainty options to conceal her vaping indulgence.The lipstick model looks exactly like a container of lipstick. It is perfect for holding in the purse or pocket and then taking it out for random vaping pleasures.

4) A Lighter

Another option for the incognito vaper is the lighter copycat. This item looks exactly like a lighter that one would use to light cigarettes or candles. It is of the Zippo persuasion. No one would ever suspect that this is a smoking device, and users can keep it virtually anywhere. That isn’t the most discreet choice, however. Other users may feel that the nut and bolt option is even better. The nut and bolt vaporizer looks like any other screw set that any carpenter or handyman may have in his truck.

5) Bracelet Vaporizers

Manufacturers are getting so crafty these days that they have started making bracelet vaping devices. These bracelets wrap all the way around the wrist of the wearer and then unfold into something totally wonderful. The user can wear the bracelet to work, school and on vacations. It’s a convenient product because it places the equipment directly on the person’s wrist. The user can then vape whenever there is an extra moment or a time to take a break from work or some other activities

Those are just a few of the options that product users have these days. They can help people to blend with society without getting into trouble for the vaping. They are perfect products to use at work. They can also be used on train trips. plane rides, and adventures that would otherwise not allow the boarder to vape.

If you are a vaping participator, you can choose one of these amazing custom vapes for your mission.