4 Types of Vaping Products That Will Make You Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker, you will find that there are several ways to vape. The following information will enlighten you if you are a beginner vaper. Use it to help you buy vaping products that are featured online.

1. E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are products that are also known as vapourisers. Many times, other people will think you are smoking a traditional cigarette if you use this type of item. An e-cigarette is shaped just like a regular cigarette and features a replaceable cartridge. This cartridge contains an e-liquid that can be tobacco flavoured or a fruity and dessert flavour, such as apple or chocolate.

Most people, who have not vaped before, begin with this type of vaping product. That is because it helps them transition from holding a cigarette and smoking it. In fact, some e-cigarettes come in five-pack type boxes that look like regular cigarettes. These socially acceptable e-cigs are completely disposable.

Whilst you may look like you are smoking a tobacco cigarette, you don’t have to worry about ashes or about creating cigarette butts. If you want to vape instead of smoke, this is the ideal product to pick.

2. Pocket Vapes

These types of vaping products are vapourisers that are portable and easy to use. They also produce more vapour than e-cigarettes. If you begin with e-cigs, you may want to graduate to using this form of vapouriser after a while. This product is smaller than the size of a credit card and features a refillable pod. It looks a little bit like a cigarette lighter when you first see it.

3. Pen Vapourisers

The vapes are shaped spherically and, as the name suggests, resemble a pen. They feature two main parts – a battery and an atomizer. The e-liquid is poured into a tank that contains the atomizer that produces the vapour. You need to heat the atomizer with a battery to produce the vapour.

4. Box Mods

You can also choose a more advanced vaping product, called a box mod. This type of vaping product features a large box that houses a battery and a digital screen that is used to set the vaporizer’s settings. If you wish to maximize the amount of vapour that is produced, this is an ideal product to choose. However, it is best to choose this product until you have more experience with vaping. Nevertheless, it is great to think about placing this product on a Christmas wish list.